Software Development

Don't have a development staff? Let us put our experience to work for you. We will gather your business requirements and work to architect and train you on software to help your company accomplish necessary business functionality.

Graphic Design

Have a branding and logo needs? We can work with you to help your product or company look as sharp as you do. We will even turn over the assets and give you full creative rights.

Technical Analysis

Let us evaluate your technical set up, or software systems and guide your business to suggested improvements assisting your team in being successful.

Maintenance Support

Have an existing website or software that needs some maintenance? We can help to refresh and revive your presence in the digital world and keep your business up-to-date.

Software questions? Hardware questions?
Let us boost your company forward with our consulting services.
We can't wait to see what we'll create together!

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Our Portfolio

These are some of the exciting things we've been working on

  • WHIM

  • Wincity LCU

  • First-Then Board Mobile App

  • Visual Schedule Mobile App

  • Totalled Mobile App

  • Hydra Reporting Client

About Us

We are a group of talented individuals with a passion for software


Our Team

The Star-On Software team currently has 7 members. We have a staff of four Developers, a Business Analyst, a Graphic Designer, and a Financial Accounts Manager. Each member of the team has their own unique experiences and expertise which makes Star-On a well rounded and multi-dimensional organization.


Our Name

It's kind of nerdy, but in web searches often times the * symbol is used as a wildcard, so that you can search with partial search terms. Because of the names Ron and Jon, an example of a wildcard search would be "*on", which would return Ron and Jon, thus where the name Star-On (*on) comes from.


Experience That Counts

We are well versed in the full software life cycle. We have had the opportunity to participate in everything from requirements gathering and UI design, to backend development and database architecture. We have experience in a variety of business domains such as Education, Financial, Medical, Military, Government, and Non-Profit.

Our Services

This is a just a glance at the types of services we provide

Web Design

We can design and setup a website that represents your company and what you're all about. It is important today, more than ever, that people can find you online. Let us help put you on the map, the digital map that is.

Software Development

Does your company need some custom software to execute your business functions? From client desktop software to web applications, we can work to provide the business solution you need in the software world.

Database Architecture

Databases drive virtually every application in the business world today. We can design and establish database structure that your company can maintain and scale. We can work with any kind of database, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and more.

Mobile Development

Like never before, we all carry computers in the palm of our hands. Mobile computing is very important to you and your customers. Whether it is mobile web design, or native apps in the iOS App Store, we've got you covered.

Developer Training

Do you have developers that are in need of training? We can instruct and guide your developers in many different areas, from high level practices like SCRUM and UI design, to specific technologes like LINQ and Entity Framework.

Code Reviews

Need a second set of eyes on code your company already has? We'd love to take a look for you and provide you with our code quality analysis.

Our Team

Take some time to get to know us individually

Adam Fowler

Senior Developer

Jon Popp

Founder & Software Architect

Ron Collins

Founder & Lead Developer

John Fowler

Senior Developer

Natalie Arnett

Business Analyst

Matt Hall

Graphic Designer

Michael S. Smith

Financial Accounts Manager

Industry Standards

We are always learning new practices as well as new technologies.

We pride ourselves with keeping up with Industry Standards and strive to sharpen our skills
in any way available to us, so that you our customer benefit.


Here is a sample of technologies we are familiar with


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